From time to time we need to make purchases to help us do our jobs. Those purchases can include hardware (laptop, phone, keyboard), software, training or attending a conference.

We don't set an annual limit for each of us to spend, instead we have a peer review process that asks whether the purchase is necessary, whether there is a better alternative and whether it's beneficial for the business. To make money we need to spend money, we just need to make sure we make wise decisions.

So, if you want to make a purchase simply drop an email to your team or drop a note in the general channel in Slack explaining what you want to buy, the benefits, the cost, and be prepared for the responses!

Once your purchase has been peer approved you can either purchase it yourself and claim the money back on expenses or send the details to one of the Steve's and they'll place the order for you.

•• Note: holiday homes, cars and private jets cannot be expensed. SH.