Starting at Convivio

When new people start working at Convivio it's important they all receive the same warm welcome.

This guide will help you make sure that the first few days, weeks and months of working here are happy and healthy experiences for someone joining Convivio.

Here's a quick start list to help you in your welcome. Or jump further down to find out more.

Before starting

  • Create a personnel folder using the template in the same folder.

  • Get contracts digitally signed and store them in the personnel folder.

  • Record personal details as appropriate in the personnel folder, such as home address, phone number, National Insurance number and bank account details.

  • Send an email to our accountants to add the new person to payroll, including their name, start date, salary, contact number or email.

  • Add an entry for the new person in Float, our team planner, for logging holidays, sickness, conferences, training and so on.

  • Arrange for a Pleo card for the new starter, for expenses.

  • Agree with other members of the Convivio team who is going to be the new person's buddy, and point the buddy to the Being a Buddy page here in the Cookbook.

  • Arrange for any appropriate equipment to be bought or sourced, such as a laptop, business cards and the like.

Getting ready to start

When a new person joins the team their buddy will make all of the necessary introductions and get them set up.

If you are a buddy, you can read about Being a Buddy to find out what you need to do to welcome someone starting at Convivio.

New staff can find out more about Having a Buddy and what to expect in the first few days and weeks.